About TripRisk

Trip Risk began life after a days hacking at Geoplex. It is the result of efforts by Liam Densley, Joe O'Connell, Jerome Anthony, Janet Horwell, Matt Langley, Brent Schiller Simon Hope and Harry Gaitanis. Trip Risk only exists because VicRoads make their crash statistics freely available for people like us to work with.

State statistics on road related crashes are hard to grasp. Looking at the data within the context of the journey's we make everyday helps us to understand that these crashes are closer to our day to day lives than we first might think. Trip Risk allows you to record these journeys and view historical crash data dating from January 2006 to June 2016.

The crash marker is graduated by size to represent the total number of crashes at the given location, with a red overlapping symbol indicating one or more fatalities. Summary statistics can be found by clicking on crash locations. The map presents crashes within 20 metres of your route.

To create this map we used MapQuest for route calculation and Nokia for Geocoding. Map tiles are served by Mapbox. The crash data is stored and served by the very beautiful and very powerful CartoDB.

The Victorian Government Open Data team, DataVic, welcomes your suggestions for the publication of government datasets for use in applications, research and policy analysis.

About Geoplex

We are specialists in the collation, transformation, analysis and presentation of spatial data. Get in touch.


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